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This function extends the native JavaScript select() (which only works on input and textarea) so that it can be used to select the content of every DOM element you want.

It's written in Vanilla JavaScript (284 bytes gzipped), so you can use it in combination with or without any library.

Works with
  • IE 6+
  • any other browser
Forced Focus

  • Aggressive focus for input / textarea:
    Selects the whole content of a text element with one click or touch.


Just click anywhere inside me to select the whole text.

You can also select child elements if the parent gets a click.

The img needs a wrapper element in order to be selectable.

How to

Download _select.min.js and include it into your page / script.

Vanilla JavaScript
var el = document.querySelector('.demo');

el.addEventListener('click', function() {
var el = $('.demo');    

el.on('click', function() {

2013 by Tim Pietrusky