Hello MacBook Pro! Hello new stickers?

September 28th, 2016

In the last 7 years I used Ubuntu as my main OS (one desktop PC, two different notebooks, the last was a Dell XPS 15). I love the fact that I can do everything I want, that I can hack every tiny bit of every part of it. But that is also one of the main reasons why I want to switch to something that works out of the box. Another reason is that I love to learn new stuff, that's why I decided to get a new MacBook Pro 13":

My new MacBook Pro

The problem?

I used my Dell XPS 15 for over 3 years and collected a lot of stickers from around the world. But I don't have any stickers left anymore 😭

My old Dell XPS 15 with 3 years of stickers


To get up to speed with my MacBook, I need all the stickers I can get. That's why I need your help: If you want to see your sticker on my MacBook, please consider sending it to me (address of my company):

Synoa GmbH
Tim Pietrusky
Marie-Curie-Strasse 5
64823 Gross-Umstadt

Why would you want to do that?

Here are three good reasons:

  2. I travel all over the world to talk about the latest web technologies and your sticker will be seen a LOT 😎
  3. Putting stickers on a notebook is art and your sticker will be part of my new masterpiece 🐣

What happens with your sticker?

  • I will put every sticker I get on my MacBook (if they comply to CoC)
  • I will take a picture of every sticker that I put on my MacBook and post it on my Instagram & Twitter 
  • I will mention you or your company / orga / project in every social interaction (please send me your Instagram / Twitter handle)1

1. If you don't want to be mentioned just tell me in your mail / letter!