NERD DISCO: The Next Generation [KarlsruheJS June 2015]

June 15th, 2015

KarlsruheJS - June 10th, 2015

I presented NERD DISCO - The Next Generation (music visualization in the browser using the Web Audio API + Canvas and on LEDs using Adafruit NeoPixel + Fadecandy + Node.js) at the KarlsruheJS meetup (THANKS FOR HAVING ME) and it was pretty awesome, because I extented the live demo (compared to the live demo at Front-Trends 2015) a little bit:

  • Canvas visualization: Instead of "just" using squares to visualize music, I added circles that have a defined position instead of spawning at random positions
  • Web MIDI API: My good friend Lucas Bonomi came the long way from Paris to party hard with Kevin Gimbel + me at World Club Dome (June 5th - 7th 2015) in Frankfurt (Main). And he brought some MIDI controlers with him, so the only thing we had in mind was: How can we use these controlers in combination with the Web MIDI API to change the NERD DISCO canvas output? After many hours of trial and error + reading the whole Web MIDI API spec + a lot of "tutorials" in the interwebs, we finally managed to get everything working. Lucas was also kind enough to borrow me his KORG padKONTROL when he left for Paris. 

Music: Major Lazer - Blaze Up The Fire (feat. Chronixx)

Videos by KarlsruheJS attendees

NERD DISCO + improved canvas visualization + Web MIDI API

YouTube by Andreas Grimm

YouTube by Rodney Rehm

YouTube by Eugene Terehov

NERD DISCO + improved canvas visualization

YouTube by Rodney Rehm

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