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July 22nd, 2012

Hakim El Hattab stroll.js meets my CSS3 filter extension.

If you don't know stroll.js: It's a collection of CSS list scroll effects using CSS3 transforms.

OK, I know what you think: Hakim is so cool and his stroll.js rocks. What are you doing here?

I extended the default stroll.js effects with some Webkit-only (sorry for that, but it's not my fault) CSS3 filter. If you don't have Chrome or Safari, you can watch the effects below under TimPietruskyTV.

Available effects / filters

  • blur
  • invert
  • sepia
  • brightness
  • grayscale
  • hue-rotate
  • saturate
  • all-filter
  • codepen



I recorded my screen under Chrome 20 Ubuntu: