Vote for NERD DISCO @ ShenJS 2015

May 19th, 2015

Update [June 4th, 2015]

Thanks to all of you! I got enough votes to speak at ShenJS 2015, which is FORKING AMAZING!!! THAAAAAAAANKS!


I proposed my talk "NERD DISCO: The Next Generation" (music visualization in the browser using the Web Audio API + Canvas and on LEDs using Adafruit NeoPixel + Fadecandy + Node.js) to ShenJS 2015 and I need your help! Why? The talks are choosen by a vote

What should I do?

  • Open the ShenJS 2015 speaker vote (until 31st of May)
  • Search for "NERD DISCO" (almost at the end of the page)
  • Mark the checkbox beneath my avatar 
  • Choose any other topic you like (max. 10 talks / vote) [optional :D]
  • Submit the vote at the bottom of the page
  • DONE!

You don't even need a registration... it's super easy! 

What do I get? 

A very big thaaaaaaaaaaanks. You also support the development of the next version of NERD DISCO. (Because I only force myself to put time into the project when I have a conf talk. Because you know, work and real life stuff...).

And if I get the chance to speak at ShenJS 2015, you will be one of the first persons to see NERD DISCO in real life:

NERD DISCO @ Front-Trends 2015

Photo by Damian Dulisz, taken at Front-Trends 2015 in Warsaw, Poland, where I presented the current version of NERD DISCO for the first time. 

Not convinced?

Please watch the 2014 version of NERD DISCO, which I presented at JSConfEU 2014 in Berlin, Germany. If you don't like this talk, I'm sorry for wasting your time. But if you like it, forget everything you saw. I recreated NERD DISCO from the ground up and it's better than ever! 

I collected some videos about NERD DISCO: The Next Generation from Front-Trends 2015.